Our Products

Cloud Based Software and Analytical Tools

Our proprietary software portal comes with handful of features to support the end to end implementation of decision support systems and demand planning tools. The data collected from multiple devices are aggregated to our data storage servers and used to populate various reports and bring out monthly metrics.

  1. Customized Dashboard for Quick View
    1. PAAG – Project at a Glance view to see current status.
    2. Pointers – Quick view of critical notices
    3. Online Notices or Alerts
    4. Quick links to commonly used modules.
  1. Remote Control
    1. Remotely connect to your devices
    2. Access key controls on your devices remotely
    3. Configure devices to match efficient operations
  1. Role Based Access
  2. Cloud Hosted Solution, Secure Data Storage
  3. Decision Support System
  4. Demand Planning
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