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Mobile app to Manage Lighting Profile

Ronds offers smart automated indoor and outdoor lights that suits every needs. These lights are self sufficient and can work according to a preset time table. The remotely controllable devices will prove to be best companion for your house.

The light management activities are always surrounded within the context of properly illuminating various areas. However, a major portion of the consumption is contributed by the household consumers. We have an array of products to optimize the usage of lighting in this segment.

  • Scheduler for Common Area Lighting to control operation of lamps in these areas.
  • Time based control of lighting intensity in different areas based on requirement and priority
  • Wireless RF mesh-based architecture where each individual lighting units like walkway light, parking area light, floor/lobby light can be connected, controlled and monitored centrally.
  • Set priorities for each lights and control/adjust brightness level, switch ON/OFF etc., based on location or need.
  • Compatible with advanced sensors and similar monitoring devices.
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