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Solar Powered Centralized DC Lighting Solutions

A series of our Direct Current (DC) solar home systems that could address many of the problem listed by people from remote areas.

Our units consist of a combination of few lights that could be used for indoor lighting and dedicated light for outdoor lighting, a mobile charging unit, optional DC fan outlet, optional drip irrigation outlet.

These units work on designated solar panel that charges the maintenance free battery connected on the circuit. A typical installation diagram is shown below

Centrally controlled where Solar Panel and Battery bank are at one place and lights are installed at a wide area like AC Mains lights.Intelligent Centralized Solar LED Street Lighting Solution has solar panels and battery bank installed at an easily accessible location where the routine maintenance is easier, along with control, monitoring and remote communications electronics in a control room. Output Voltage is boosted up to reduce line losses and reduce cabling costs.

Most of the solar based systems are restricted to supply lanterns that have individual charging units and accessories. Unlike these the smart home systems are like the grid based electrical connections. These systems would be wired in just like normal electricity wiring and will act like normal switches and nodes.

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