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Gate Management with RFID Based Vehicle Tracking

Gate management is one of the prime concerns at any gated community. It is here that the first scrutiny of every visitor to the community happens. So, it becomes very critical to make sure that we take at most care while allowing every visitor or vehicle to the community.
Our gate management software allows security to track and record every movement at the apartment entrance. The solution aims at centralizing the complete process and allows security to prompt to the tenant to allow a visitor in or not. This makes sure only known people are allowed to get into the community.
Vehicles are always an addition to any apartment complexes. While parking being one of the concerns addressing the exact location for parking and tracking of un attended cars have been our primary goal. Our solution works integrated with our gatekeeper solution for apartment. The cars that are entitled to pass will have a RF based identifier that would help the security to verify the car and also maintain record of movement of car.

The vehicles entering on guest mode will be identified to park at designated areas and would also be alerted of being left parked for an indefinite time period. This helps to maintain enough parking in the apartment. Our solutions are tailor made to match the requirement. A fully operational vehicle tracking solution would have the following.

• Centralized gate management system to keep control of entire access to the community.
• Predefined RF tags for identifications of the vehicles that are associated with the apartment.
• Self-build database of visitors to accommodate frequent visitors’ easy access.
• Less time to identify compared to other market solutions
• Help security to manage visitors and vehicles effectively. The RF tags can be disabled after expiry or when the tenant moves out so that any misuse after leaving the apartment is addressed.

Solution Architecture – Smart Pole Concept
The solution is proposed to address access gates.
• A gate consists of one Smart Pole.
• Each Smart Pole has two readers to read the entry and exit along with controller to transfer the data to cloud.
• New entry option for visitors would also be provided over our web interface.
• The system would keep record of the movement of vehicles into and off the campus.

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