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Smart Water Sourcing Management

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Renewable Energy Systems

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Ronds Technologies

Ronds is a technology provider in cleantech space. We provide IoT based data analytic platform to optimize the usage of natural resources. Our product works around an IoT enabled end to end solution, which can be customized across multiple domains such as Cleantech, Smart Metering, Healthcare, Agriculture and Automobile. Our patented technology, which does not use internet, offers a suit of remote management tools for data capture, analysis and reporting. Ronds “rmC+” is an innovative technology that can be easily plugged into any machine, which enables it to communicate cost effectively. rmC+ simplifies M2M communication & remote management.

IoT based Smart Devices

Our machine learning packages and computer vision tools are well integrated and are the robust platform independent solution available in the market.

Remote Management

Our solutions are well built to interact with remote devices and bring effective analytics on the data provided by them. These systems are well equipped with efficient decision-making algorithms to execute any level of control arguments.

IoT Systems Data Analytics

Data Analytics on various domains integrated with our genuine IoT technology to collect and accumulate data has always been in demand. Our R&D team is always committed to delivering the best analytics

Cloud based Applications

Our dedicated web development team is equipped with multiple technology platforms and can develop various customized solutions to meet needs. We also cater the pre-build package development market.

Technology Consulting

Ronds provides end to end consulting services for researching and implementing solutions to solve real world problems. Our hardware and software team work hand inhand to deliver top notch solutions

Embedded / Firmware Development

Ronds has always been a top performer when it comes to firmware development. Our clients have been recommending our ability to design and develop firmware and associated software product development.

Unique Selling Proposition

Ronds has always been a technology leader and have always been in frontline when it come to innovation. Few of our key specialties which we work into all our products.

A proprietary RF based MESH network to communicate between the IoT enabled devices/sensors and transfer data to a local gateway.

A proprietary technology to transfer the data from the local gateway to the cloud without using internet or GPRS connectivity along with real-time remote controlling facility.

A cloud-based data analytic platform that could be customized to support various domains.

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