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Integrated Water Sourcing Management

Our solutions are tailor made to match the requirement. This is to measure the water being input by the water tankers.

For the purpose of quantifying the water dispensing through tankers, we have developed the following system

  • A smart RFID based identifier for each vendor, who has to authenticate the ID to start dispensing water
  • Intelligent water meter to quantify the amount of water dispensed during delivery
  • A GPRS based data communication device to transfer the data to cloud data centers.
  • Remote connectivity to interrupt any attempts to tamper or malpractice of any kind.

Working Model

The water meter would be installed to the input source where the tanker normally downloads the water to underground tanks. The working of the solution can be outlined broadly as below.

  • An RFID tag is issued against a vendor or as an identifier to the security for authorizing water dispensing.
  • The water meter is connected to the input source line and any water from the tanker has to go through the meter.
  • Once the tanker enters the area and prepare for delivery, the security or designee puts the RFID authenticator tag to the designated slot on the water meter.
  • If no RFID tag is detected while the water is flowing, a siren or alarm would be deployed to announce the same and acknowledge that the water is not being counted against the supposed vendor
  • The water that is flown in while the tag is in place would be accounted against that particular vendor.
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