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Staff/Personnel Monitoring System

The solution is designed to keep track of where your staff are and monitor that duties are being carried out correctly. This ensures that rounds are completed efficiently and eliminates the need for cumbersome time-sheets and paper-trails.

Our systems offers a simple way to track, store and report all the data you need to monitor guard tours and shift work. This can be widely used in residential campuses, industries, hotels, business place and shopping centres by cleaning companies as part of their Health and Safety procedures.

Staff Patrol Solutions

Our patrol solutions can efficiently supervise and monitor staff and their shifts by looking at data of timings and dates into one easy-to-access place. Its powerful in-built report generator can then be used to analyze the data and create reports that can be emailed to management or clients as proof of presence, or to support the billing process.

The physical presence of staff brings a high level of trust and sense of security among residents, owners and visitors as they guarantee protection, and with this device, a thorough guard tour where no short cuts have been taken. It is a reliable solution to ensure that a property is safe and secure.


Our complete suite of services will ensure realistic working of desired employees with complete surveillance. Few of the benefits include

• More effective management and control of staff with real-time tracking
• Standardization of patrol activity documentation
• Increase of accountability ensuring all checkpoints are visited or times are met
• Increase of productivity and accuracy in staffs’ work hours
• Reduction of admin costs: less time spent preparing payroll and billing information
• Trust and reliability that the community or facility is well protected and thoroughly checked
• Schedule daily or multi-day plans of routes using random or fixed order/time-based rules
• Database back-up and restore capability.

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