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Smart Fuel Management System

The scarcity and improper methods of quantifying the supply has resulted in the misuse of system to deliver the fuel improperly. While at one end this is being tried to control using effective methods but the lack of a fool proof system brings out at least one loop hole to bypass it.

Our solutions are tailor made to match the requirement. A fully operational vehicle tracking solution would have the following.

  • Intelligent method to address malpractices in fuel sourcing.
  • Smart Fuel tank integration which would raise required purchase order against the fuel requirement.
  • Eliminate malpractices by removing dependency on staff or security for fueling.
  • Remote connectivity to interrupt any attempts to tamper or malpractice of any kind.
  • Cloud based platform for complete monitoring and analysis of fuel pumped, stored and dispensed against specific vendors.
  • Additional billing analysis for effective identification of trends.
  • Perform adequate maintenance for efficient fuel supply.
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