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Smart Solar Inverters / UPS with Remote Monitoring

Smart Solar Inverter

A fully automated solar inverter, supports solar operations and hybrid operations with grid/mains. Smart Solar Inverters are developed to support all home appliances such as lights, fan, television, mixer grinder, fridge etc. The integrated power saving mechanisms like APSS, TPSS and MPSS are the unique features of Ronds Smart Solar Inverter. Ronds has implemented an advanced mechanism to monitor and record the solar charging and discharging history of the inverters with the help of integrated IPTS module.

Ronds Automated Power Saving Modes (APSS & TPSS)

Ronds APSS (Automated Power Source Selection) mechanism is an inbuilt method to guarantee the maximum utilization of solar power. APSS mechanism will automatically switch between mains power supply and solar power at different events as given below,
• When the battery is full from the daylight, APSS mechanism will switch the power source to solar power
• When there is no mains supply, power source will be changed to inverter.
• User can set timer events, where the TPSS mechanism will switch the power source to inverter at the timer event and switch back to AC Mains, when battery is discharged to a particular level.
• If the inverter cannot support the power request from the load, APSS will switch the power source to AC mains, automatically

Features of Ronds Smart Solar Inverter :
• Micro-controller based intelligent design
• Smart algorithm to control hybrid charging (APSS, TPSS, MPSS)
• Ensure maximum use of solar power at day time
• Smart backup from battery, when power is not available
• Fully automated operations
• APSS mechanism to reduce power wastage
• Ideal for mixed power applications
• LCD Display to indicate working status, operations modes etc.
• Hybrid or Solar only mode selector
• Effective power management with Ronds APCU
• Three operations modes (power selection mode)
• Automatic Power Source Selection (APSS)
• Timed power source selection (TPSS)
• Manual power source selection (MPSS)


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