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Solar Inverter with Integrated Home Automation

Our smart product series includes a solar inverter along with home automation.

The ‘Smart eHomes’ establishes a platform for a self-sustaining ecosystem. The unique Smart eHomes technology embeds artificial intelligence to existing home appliances to give you a comfy living experience. The smart IoT technology help to reduce power cost from grid by optimizing the usage of solar energy.

Solar powered SMART Home solutions are our best seller since inception. Some of the advantages and features are below.

  • Maximize the usage of solar power with IoT.
  • Cloud connected remote smart switches/Wireless Plug.
  • Integrated with automated indoor / outdoor lighting systems.
  • Intelligent decision support systems to control overall operation.
  • Automated drip irrigation/garden management systems.
  • APSS Mechanism ensures maximum utilization of solar power.
  • Battery Management System ensures long life for Batteries.
  • Smart intelligent Change over mechanism.
  • Integrated zero cost Remote Monitoring System.
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